A gift of a memory jar

Their Royal Highnesses were each presented with a personalised memory jar to remind them of their time spent at Keech Hospice Care today. A memory jar is used by the charity before and after a person has died. It is a tool used in pre- and post bereavement support to help adult and child patients, family members and staff to think through their experiences of a certain person or a period of time. The memory jars presented to Their Royal Highnesses are jam jars which have been filled with different layers of brightly coloured sand and each layer represents a memory.  For example, the blue layer of sand represents the time they spent in Keech Hospice Care’s children’s day support and teenage room, the purple, their time spent with adult patients, green the art therapy session they will see. These memory jars have “Catherine” and “William” written on them and will be presented by Jamie, 10, and Ethan, 6, Coniam whose brother, Kieran, 10, died at the hospice in October 2014 having battled many health problems. 

Click here to read more about our bereavement services for adults and click here to read more about our bereavement support for children.

Through the last year of Kieran’s life we had a lot of support from the Bereavement Services at Keech Hospice Care, without which the entire situation would have been almost unbearable. From an early stage the therapists had sessions with our two younger sons to try their best to prepare them for what lay ahead. My wife and I were also provided with counselling and these services have continued for us all as a family since Kieran’s death and are absolutely invaluable in the grieving process.

Gary Conium, Kieran's Dad