A Posy for HRH the Duchess of Cambridge

Evie Farmer, 7, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, presented a posy to HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Evie loves coming to Keech Hospice Care’s Sparklers Group - a monthly support group for siblings. Evie’s brother, Charlie, 9, has infantile spasms, epilepsy and mitochondrial disorder. It is very rare genetic condition for which there is no cure. Charlie requires 24/7 care and monitoring as his seizures are unpredictable. Keech helps manage Charlie’s symptoms to help give him the best quality of life possible. Sparklers enables Evie do to something specifically for her and have one-to-one attention.

Amy Richardson, 27, from Dunstable designed and made the posy for the Duchess of Cambridge. Amy’s mum, Jackie Richardson, 48, was cared for by Keech Hospice Care’s adult in-patient unit where she died from breast cancer in July 2014. Before Jackie died, Amy and her mum set up The Daisy Chain florist in Dunstable together which Amy now runs with her sister. Last year Amy, her dad and her three sisters, along with her extended family, sailed round the Isle of Wight raising over £50,000 for Keech Hospice Care under the name ‘Team Jackie’. The posy is made up of purple calla lilies, freesias and hydrangeas to represent the colours of adult care at the hospice. It is held together with a silver ribbon to mark 25 years of adult care.

Evie doesn’t know Sparklers is a pre- and post bereavement support group for siblings, she just thinks she’s having fun. Evie is a whirlwind and I wanted to make sure she was able to communicate her feelings through play and the staff at Keech Hospice Care are brilliant at drawing her feelings out. Sparklers helps Evie mix with other children who are in the same situation as she is. She understands them and they understand her.

Dawn Farmer, Evie's mum