Our activity groups

What do the activity groups offer?

The Macmillan Independence and Well-being Service offers four support groups for people in Luton and South Bedfordshire who have long-term, palliative conditions. Our groups support people to manage their condition and remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.Strength in numbers activity group

Strength in Numbers

A gentle circuit-based exercise programme to improve your general fitness and well-being. Meet new people, improve your sleep and appetite, and release your happy hormones!

Move, Music and MindMove music and mind

Why not try a combination of dance, yoga and meditation to stretch your body and train your mind, all to the rhythm of music? Led by a qualified dance therapist, we’ll help you to feel relaxed and strengthen your muscles. Deep breath and relax!

Walking and Well-being

Walking and well-being

Walking is a brilliant way of improving fitness, mood and - most importantly - your feel-good factor. Join our walking group to meet new people and enjoy new walking routes in the area as you build up your stamina with support from our rehabilitation professionals.

Books Aloudbooks aloud activity group

An audio book club for those who enjoy reading but find it an exhausting challenge. At our interactive group, you can rediscover your love of reading through audio books while sharing your reviews with similarly book-hooked new friends. No book is out of bounds!

If you’re interested in joining one of these groups, please ask your GP, consultant or specialist nurse to refer you to the Macmillan Independence and Well-being Service at Keech Hospice Care.

If you are a GP, consultant or specialist nurse and would like to refer a patient, please complete a Keech Hospice Care referral form, which can be downloaded here. Copies are also available from Lunar Summers at lsummers@keech.org.uk or Kerry Boocock at kboocock@keech.org.uk.

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