Our team offer Palliative Care Services to the whole family, throughout the child's illness and into bereavement. This care is available in-house at the charity's bright and comfortable hospice near Luton, or via our community nursing team at the family home.

Our aim is to help families make the most of the precious time they have left with their child. While many of the children will have only a short life, they all still have plenty of living to do!

Care is provided free-of-charge to all families that need us. As a charity we depend on the generosity of our supporters to continue this work.

For us, Keech means being able to do normal things in an environment that’s catered for us. It gives us the opportunity to play, with people around to support us, to have day trips we wouldn’t be able to afford or even envisage before. Keech realises that children like Ivy could really benefit from experiences like this because their lives are limited. Keech improves our quality of life and our opportunities in life, rather than only providing somewhere to spend the last few days of her life, which is what most people consider a hospice to be.

Jenny and Lee Knight