Paying in your money

We need to raise £6 millionPlease get your sponsorship money in to
us as soon as possible. It’s safer for you
not to keep large sums at home and great
for us to start putting it to good use!

There are three ways to pay in your money.


Bank the money you have made and use a credit or debit card to make a secure payment via our website. Simply type in the amount you have raised and select ‘one-off donation’, then fill in your details to make your donation. 

Go to our donations page now to pay in online.

You can also do a direct-to-bank payment. Contact our fundraising team on 01582 707940 to get our bank-account details and your reference number so we know who has made the donation.

The above method is not advised if you are sending in money raised through sponsorship as we need to have your sponsorship forms to claim Gift Aid.

By post

Please send a covering letter telling us how you raised your money, along with a cheque or postal order made payable to ‘Keech Hospice Care’ to: 

Keech Hospice Care
Great Bramingham Lane

Please do not send any cash through the post. If you have completed a sponsored event, please remember to enclose all of your sponsorship forms.

In person

If your donation is in cash you can drop it off in person at your local Keech Hospice Care charity shop or the hospice itself. If you’re popping in to the hospice, please call ahead so we can make sure a member of staff is available to greet you.

The cost of our care

Cost of our care

The money you raise helps us to
continue making the difference when
it matters the most.

Thank you. 

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