Occupational therapy and physiotherapy

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Your questions answered  

What is the Occupational therapy and physiotherapy service?

This joint service in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support is about living well for longer. We can offer a range of rehab options to suit you and help achieve your goals. These include one to ones in our specially adapted gym, groups such as walk & wellbeing, move, music & mind and our strength in numbers circuit group. We’re making sure patients have the professional support they need and the choice and dignity they deserve. We support and educate you to self-manage your condition, understand its progression and aim to improve your quality of life.

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Can I use this service? 

Anyone in Luton and south Bedfordshire with a long-term, palliative condition can be referred to the service by their GP, consultant or specialist nurse.


What symptoms can the service help with?

Palliative rehabilitation can help improve and ease many symptoms including breathlessness, pain, fatigue, reduced mobility and physical activity, low mood, altered body image, loss of identity/role and the lasting effects of treatment.


How can I get to use the service?

If you are a patient or the carer of a patient, you need to speak to your GP, consultant or specialist nurse and ask to be referred to us.

If you are a GP, consultant or specialist nurse, you should complete a Keech Hospice Care referral form, which can be downloaded here.  Forms are also available from Lunar Summers at lsummers@keech.org.uk or Kerry Boocock at kboocock@keech.org.uk.

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What happens once I'm referred?

We contact you directly and arrange a one-to-one appointment to discuss your goals and expectations. This helps our team put together a package of care and support tailored to you and your needs.


What can the service do for me? 

It will give you practical ways to manage your condition so you remain as independent as possible. At the moment, the service offers four groups: Move, Music and Mind; Strength in Numbers; Walking and Well-being; and Books Aloud. These groups are led by Kerry Boocock, Palliative physiotherapist, and Lunar Summers, Palliative occupational therapist. You will also benefit from having Keech Hospice Care’s team - doctors, specialist nurses, therapists and a social worker - on hand. The activity groups are intended to get you moving, thinking and socialising in a supportive, safe environment.


Where is the service based?

It's based at Keech Hospice Care in Luton, although the service organises home visits as necessary – for example, for breathing management.

Keech Hospice Care is in Great Bramingham Lane, just off the A6 on the outskirts of Luton (LU3 3NT).

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How long can I use the service for?

As long as you need it. When you no longer require the rehabilitation support offered by the service, we advise you where you can find similar services in the community - for example, with Active Luton.


How much will it cost me?

The service is free apart from any costs involved in getting to the groups or to Keech Hospice Care. If there are difficulties with transport, it is possible for us to organise for a volunteer driver to pick you up and take you home.


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