Promoting your fundraising event

To make your fundraiser a success, you need to tell people about it. How you do this will depend on the type of fundraiser you’re holding. 

How do I let people know what I’m doing?

  • Raising money collection boxCreate posters or flyers and ask pubs, shops, community centres, cafes and
    other outlets to display them. Call
    01582 707940 or email us at for a blank poster template. We can also give you
    the ‘In aid of Keech Hospice Care’ logo
    to use along with our guidelines.
  • We can supply you with Keech Hospice Care balloons, banners and collection boxes.
  • Place an appeal for sponsorship in your company newsletter, local community magazine or newspapers. 

What about involving the media?

You need to be realistic about your chances of generating media interest. The key question to ask yourself is: what’s the angle? If you’re offering something quirky or there’s a strong story behind your fundraising, it may be worth pursuing.

How can I make the most of the internet and social media?

  • Email your contacts to tell them about your event and ask them to forward the details on to their friends and family.

Follow us on social media

  • If you use social networking sites, post about your event, including your poster, photos or - even better - a quick
    film shot on your mobile phone to catch people’s attention. Why not set up an event page on Facebook?

When raising money for Keech Hospice Care, it’s important you make this clear on all your publicity materials.

You should state: ‘All proceeds will be donated to Keech Hospice Care. Registered Charity No. 1035089’. Also, please state that the event is ‘In aid of Keech Hospice Care’.

Keep it fun, safe and legal

Paying in your money

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